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Not having actual papers to potentially lose is another huge plus!” The onboarding process involves many groups, has strict legal compliance requirements, and is one of the first ways a new employee experiences the company.Read more about centralised information Tired of manually tracking staff information and processes and want to switch to a HR system that takes care of this for you? Alternatively if you would like a free no obligation demo of our software just request a demo and we’d be delighted to show as much or as little of our amazing software as you’re interested in.When you’re sure that Staff Squared is the affordable and powerful HR software solution for you and your team, we’ll get you setup, including adding all your staff details and as much support as you need, completely free of charge! Sometimes bad HR software is actually worse than no HR software!You can even integrate your Staff Squared calendar with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar so you'll never be out of the loop. Okay, maybe stupid is a bit harsh, but it’s undeniably flimsy.That's why it's a good idea to store your documents online.My favorite feature of HR Cloud is simply the ease of onboarding.I don't have to wonder how our new hires are doing with their paperwork; I can log in and see their progress for myself.

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If you would like a helping hand, including as much free support as you could ever possibly need (and trust us, you won’t need very much - Staff Squared is super easy) just drop us a line.

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